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Enterprise Portals

Enterprise Portals

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Enterprise portals took their early inspirations from public portal companies as businesses saw immediate value in giving employees access to business applications side by side with useful information and inviting features such as news, weather.

Portal projects-typically owned either by corporate human resources departments or corporate communications-seemed a boon to these departments, where the challenge has always been getting busy employees to pay attention to their communications. So the notion of intercepting employees with messages at a central gateway was like getting the chance to place a giant billboard in plain view on their ride in to the office.

The enterprise portals have moved beyond content management role and become a core component of software architecture in modern systems. The ever-changing information technologies constantly bring new opportunities for businesses to streamline operations, improve inter-business interactions, optimize costs and thus get critical competitive advantages.

In the knowledge-intensive economy of today, portals become integrated "anytime-anywhere access" platforms for information delivery, communication, collaboration and automating business processes through interconnected applications and web services.